Use cases

Do you want to sell your ebooks, videos, audio files, training plans, course content or checklists, but don't feel like building a webshop? We got you! Just integrate your fruits payment link anywhere it makes sense for you and your customers. Time-consuming tasks such as payment processing, VAT deductions and invoicing are no longer on your plate. We'll handle that for you!

Flexible fruits-link integration

You can sell easily and quickly by placing your fruits payment links where your customers already are:
In your newsletter
On your website or blog: Link buttons, texts and images!
In your social media bios, or in your link-in-bio tool!
In customer & sales emails!
In your social media posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & Facebook!
In your Instagram stories under the link button!
In direct messages with your customers!
In your WhatsApp chats!
... everywhere where it makes sense for you and your audience!
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Websites & blogs

Create an online store on your existing website or blog in a matter of minutes:
Simply link any button or product image of your choice with your personal fruits link!
Describe your course or product and link the text directly to your fruits payment link!

Social media

Use the reach of your social media channels and simply place your unique fruits link where you are already talking to your customers:
Direct messages: Your followers ask you for personalized products like workout plans or nutrition tips? Send your fruits link via direct message e.g. on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.
Link-in-bio: Create a link-in-bio page or a mini-landing page e.g. via Canva and link your fruits products easily to buttons or text. This way you can quickly and effortlessly create a webshop and your customers can buy all your offers in one place!
Create posts about your digital product on Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn Twitter or Facebook and embed your fruits link directly!

Courses & communities

Share your valuable knowledge and create an exclusive community or course! This way you create a special area behind the fruits-Link paywall where you can share as many digital products, course content and e.g. live Q&As & webinars with your customers as you like. This is how simple this business model can be with fruits:
Create a private Instagram account, a private Facebook or WhatsApp group:
Create a course outline in the form of a PDF and link your membership group. Put the PDF behind a fruits link and make sure that only paying customers become part of your valuable community! In this private group you can now place and deliver valuable learning content the way you want.
Private YouTube or Vimeo channel:
Create entire video courses on private channels and include the channel link in a briefing PDF that you can easily sell via fruits.
ZIP folders
You can create individualized or generic folders with different course content, such as exercise sheets, plans, checklists and videos, which you can sell on request or as a general offer via fruits! Here it is important that you collect the files in a folder on your work device, e.g. a laptop, and package them as a ZIP file.
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